Business lunch Sorento

Price: 230.00 lv.

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We accept orders from Monday to Thursday and at least 48 hours before the event. Delivery price is 5 lv..The order minimum is 60 lv., free delivery for orders over 100 lv.

May contain traces of nuts.
Products contain gluten, eggs, milk and dairy products.
The package contains

  - Selection of salads with roasted mushrooms, dried tomatoes,
   nuts and Parmesan 60 g
 - Crispy vegetable sticks with milk dip and olives 80 g

 - Croissant with smoked Norwegian salmon, cream cheese
    spices and capers 100 g
 - Chicken fillet in orange marinade and honey 60 g
 - Black baguettes with fresh Mozzarella, garden tomatoes and Pesto 100 g
 - Ham, Edam cheese, fresh vegetables, milk cream 90 g
 - Ricotta, broccoli and dried tomatoes quiche 60 g

 - Vanilla Profiteroles 20 g
 - Homemade chocolate cake 20 g

Package price: 19.00 lv.

Minimum quantity to order 15 packages


Similar products

The package includes:

 - Moroccan couscous with garden tomatoes and green spices 60 g
 - Fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, roasted peppers, cheese and parsley 80 g

 - Italian sausage,Gauda, salad and white baguette 80 g
 - Cream cheese, spices and tomato sandwich 70 gr.
 - Croissant with smoked fillet, Emmental, fresh veggies100 g
 - Garden herbs, Ricotta and green onion Quiche 60 g

 - Homemade orange and almonds cake 20 g
 - Selection of fruits 50 g

Package price: 17.00 lv.

Minimum quantity to order 15 packs
Business lunch Capry 150.00 lv.
The package contains:

   - Smoked turkey fillet, fresh salad, Emmental,
     cream cheese and vegetables sandwich 160 g
   - Emmental and grilled vegetables sandwich 150 g
   - Homemade cake
   - Apple
   - Mineral water Bankia 0.5 l.  

Package price: 11.50 lv.

Quantity to order 10 packages
Lunch in a bag Emmental 110.00 lv.
The package contains:

  - Milanese Salami, salad, Gauda, cream cheese
    and olives sandwich 160 g
  - Caprese sandwich with Mozzarella,
    tomatoes and pesto 160 g
  - Marble pastry
  - Mineral water Bankia 0.5 l.
     Package price: 12.90 lv.

    Quantity to order 10 packages.
Lunch in a bag Milano 159.00 lv.
Each package contains:

  - Mini croissants with butter 30 g
  - moked turkey fillet, cream cheese, Emmental
    and fresh vegetables sandwich 80 g
  - Bacon, garden herbs and selection of cheese Quiche 60 g
  - Mini chocolate croissants 30 g
  - Homemade cake 50 g
  - Selection of seasonal fruits 50 g

Package price: 9.00 lv.
Minimum quantity to order 15 packages
Business breakfast 70.00 lv.